หมวดหมู่ : Bio Fireshield ELECTRICAL OUTLET FIRESTOP


Biostop™ Putty is a moldable non-curing one component fire-rated material for through penetration firestop systems. Biostop™ Putty will intumesce when heated, forming an insulating char. In the event of a fire, Biostop™ Putty will prevent the spread of flames, smoke, gas and water through penetration openings. Biostop™ Putty is applied by hand. Mixing is never required and no special skills are necessary for installation. Biostop™ Putty is rated for up to 3 hours in accordance with the ASTM E 814, UL 1479 and ULC/ CAN4-S115-M test standards.

Use Biostop™ Fire Rated Putty for various penetrations: Small Openings, EMT Pipe, Steel, Conduit, and Cabling, (Telephone, Power, Communications) and metal or nonmetallic Electrical Boxes

Features :

  • Possesses intumescent properties; expands when exposed to fire.
  • No Volatile Solvents, which makes it particularly useful when installing in confined spaces or occupied areas.
  • Does not have Asbestos Fillers.
  • A single component putty system; no mixing necessary and no required additives.
  • D O T Classification is Not Regulated.
  • Applied by hand.
  • Easy to install.
  • Adheres to all common building common surfaces.



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