หมวดหมู่ : Bio Fireshield FIRESTOP SPRAYS


All three grades of Biostop® 750 are a single component, general purpose fire rated sealant for construction joints such as top of the wall, curtain wall perimeter, expansion, control, etc. and for general construction gaps and voids. Biostop® 750  is a water based sealant that comes in three different grades. Biostop® 750 mastic grade is designed for spray applications and provides a fast, economical means of installation on long joint runs. Biostop® 750 Self-leveling (SL) sealant is made for horizontal applications where quick installation is necessary.
Biostop® 750 caulk grade is a non-sag sealant that is easy to apply from a caulk gun or troweled. It cures to an elastomeric membrane seal that is suitable where dynamic movement is expected. In the event of a fire, Biostop® 750 will prevent the spread of flames, smoke, hot gases and water through the joint openings. No dilution or mixing is required for use. Biostop® 750  can be caulked from a tube, brushed or troweled from the pail, applied with a spray pump or poured. Biostop® 750 is rated for up to 3 hour conditions in accordance with the UL 2079 (Tests for Fire Resistance of Building Joint Systems) test standards.

Biostop® 750 has been cycled 500 times, meeting the new ASTM E 1399 standard. Also tested in accordance with ASTM E 814 (UL1479) for systems up to 2 hours. Biostop® 750 is protected in a wet stage as well as in a dry stage against mold growth with a combination of biocides

Features :

  • Sprayable, Brushable, Trowelable, Caulkable or Pourable
  • Freeze-thaw
  • Water based
  • Flexible – Elastomeric
  •  Paintable
  • VOC Compliant
  • Excellent Smoke Seal
  • Minimum 2 Year Shelf Life



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