Metacaulk 835+ Firestop Silicone Sealant





Metacaulk 835+ is a 1-component, fire-rated elastomeric silicone sealant for through penetration firestops. Prevents flames/smoke/gas/water spreading through penetration openings. Silicone based - use in systems where dynamic movement is expected.


  • A single component penetration sealant system - no mixing or required additives needed.
  • Weather/Chemical resistant
  • Use in interior or exterior expansion, contraction and control joints
  • Use in exterior and interior penetrations
  • Neutral, moisture cure
  • D O T classification is not regulated
  • Non-slump formula- caulk grade
  • A special purpose firestop sealant
  • Safe and easy to use
  • STC rating 55 as well as FBC System Compatible- indicates that product has been tested, and is monitored on an ongoing basis to assure chemical compatibility with FlowGuard Gold, BlazeMaster and Corzan pipe and fittings.


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