RectorSeal No. 5 is our most popular thread sealant. It has withstood the test of time in a variety of uses and is widely known as the "standard of the industry." RectorSeal No. 5 is a soft-setting, slow-drying thread sealant made from special inert fillers dispersed in an oleoresinous base to facilitate its application to threaded pipe connections. RectorSeal No. 5 is a unique, versatile and reliable sealant that is non-toxic in accordance with NSF Standard 61-G & 372. In addition, it is Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) classified, listed under the Uniform Plumbing Code (IAPMO) File No. 1282, and it is approved and listed with the Canadian Standards Association (CSA).


Features :
  •  For use with potable water
  •  Lead free and contains no other metals
  •  Soft setting, slow drying
  •  Brushable from 20°F to 140°F
  •  Multipurpose-wide range of service uses
  •  Immediate pressurization on pipe up to 2" and 100 psi
  •  For pressure up to 12,000 psi (liquids) and 2,600 psi (gases)
  •  Smooth easy application
  •  Permits easy break out with no damage to threads
  •  Economical-requires only a small amount
  •  Reduces friction to allow tighter joint makeup
  •  Lubricates and protects threads



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