Metacaulk® Intumescent Sleeve is a firestop seal for PVC, cc-PVC, CPVC, FRPP, PP, ABS and PVDF pipe and rigid, non-metallic conduit installations. Easily installed without modifications, steel bolts or fasteners, the Intumescent Sleeve is an ideal approach for firestopping combustible pipes penetrating the uneven contours of a concrete fluted deck assembly. It eliminates the need for collars or wrap strips and is great for use on pipes that penetrate walls at less than a 90° angle. It also eliminates the need to firestop on both sides of a penetration.

The Intumescent Sleeve easily wraps around pipes and is manufactured from a durable galvanized steel outer shell that is lined with a highly intumescent material. The Intumescent Sleeve is fastened with either fiberglass tape, pop rivets or hose clamps around the pipe. When used with Metacaulk® 1000 or 150+ Sealant, it produces an immediate smoke seal.

Features :
  • Easy installation
  • Economical
  • No measurement of material required
  • Can be retrofitted, easily removed and replaced
  • Highly intumescent
  • Tested for PVC, CPVC, ABS and PVC/ABS Foam Core, FRPP, PP, PVDF



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