Metacaulk®  Composite Sheet is a rigid fire resistive panel used to seal penetrations and restore the fire rating to floor/ceilings or walls in which a large opening has been made for the passage of penetrating items. It is made of a reinforced, highly intumescent material which is bonded on one side to a stainless steel sheet. In addition to sealing penetrations through large openings, Metacaulk® Composite Sheet is also used for shielding cable trays, conduit, and vital process equipment from radiant heat, flame spread and smoke. The Metacaulk® Composite Sheet functions as an effective intermediate fire-break within horizontal and vertical cable tray runs and is excellent for both new and retrofit construction. When exposed to a fire the material forms a refractory char that retards heat transmission and tightly seals penetrations against flame spread, smoke and toxic fumes. It is lightweight and can be easily installed with common trade tools. It provides up to a 4 hour fire rating.

Metacaulk® Composite Sheet is used to seal penetrations through fire-rated walls and floors and for cable trays, cable, piping and large blanks. It provides a fire resistive smoke seal for any shape opening in concrete block or slabs or gypsum walls for up to 4 hours - UL Classified.

Use Metacaulk® Composite Sheet to shield cable trays, conduit, panels, valves and vital heat-sensitive process equipment. The product is effective in protecting cable dropouts, junction boxes and cabinets, as well as providing an intermediate firestop in horizontal and vertical cable tray runs.

Features :
  • Intumescent
  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Non-flame supporting
  • UL Classified
  • Re-enterable



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